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Steadicam Tally Cables

Steadicam Tally Cables

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Tally Cables provide an LED light for the steadicam operator and/or talent to know when their camera is on air during a multi-camera shoot.

To detect when the camera is RECORDING, we use a photo sensor (resistor/detector) around the camera’s record light to pass the signal to the necessary LED lights to alert the operator and/per talent.

There are a few ways to achieve tally in different steadicam sleds, so if you're not sure what you need or don't see it listed here please send us an email!


1)Top Stage Cables house the photo sensor and Lemo connector to send the signal down the sled. If you choose to have an extra LED for the talent the Top Stage Cable will be made into a "Y" Cable.

2) Lower Stage Cables have a Lemo connector to capture the signal from the top of your steadicam and the LED light the Steadicam operator usually mounts on their monitor. If you want the same cable to also power your monitor, it will be made into a "Y" Cable.

*If you need certain cable lengths or right angle connectors you must contact us to place a custom order.

*LED Lights have been carefully sourced to provide the brightness and clarity the operator needs. You can choose to add more LED's if you wish for an even brighter light.

*If you have a Transvideo Monitor with a tally light and the 5pin or 8pin cable you will not need the Lower Stage Cable.

How we measure cable lengths

All cables are measured from the ends of the connectors. Tolerances are within +/- 1.0”(2.5cm). If a specific length is required you must contact us before placing the order. Cable pictured is 6".

What is Lemo Anglissimo

Lemo makes an adjustable right angle connector called Anglissimo. When choosing a cable with an Anglissimo connector you must choose one of the following 8 directions. The number chosen is the direction of the cable exit. These can be adjusted with a Lemo wrench. The standard Lemo right angle exits at position 5 in the diagram below.
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