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Sony Dummy Battery

Sony Dummy Battery

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Sony L-Series (NP-F) dummy batteries are compatible with many monitors like the Small HD 502/702, Black Magic Video Assist, and Atomos Shogun. 

3D printed backings where you can choose your cable exit. Bottom exit is popular for Steadicam low mode monitors. Side exit is popular for onboard operating monitors.

All dummy batteries give unregulated power meaning they put out the same voltage as your battery source. If you want a regulated version we have that in stock, just send us an email!

How we measure cable lengths

All cables are measured from the ends of the connectors. Tolerances are within +/- 1.0”(2.5cm). If a specific length is required you must contact us before placing the order. Cable pictured is 6".

What is Lemo Anglissimo

Lemo makes an adjustable right angle connector called Anglissimo. When choosing a cable with an Anglissimo connector you must choose one of the following 8 directions. The number chosen is the direction of the cable exit. These can be adjusted with a Lemo wrench. The standard Lemo right angle exits at position 5 in the diagram below.
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