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Apex Battery Backpack Cables

Apex Battery Backpack Cables

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These Cables power cameras from the Apex Battery Backpack. Color coded low profile right angle XLR connectors plug into the backpack. Blue is 12V, Red is 24V. Made up of high strand pvc wire and expandable sleeving. Please contact us if you need anything custom that is not listed here!

How we measure cable lengths

All cables are measured from the ends of the connectors. Tolerances are within +/- 1.0”(2.5cm). If a specific length is required you must contact us before placing the order. Cable pictured is 6".

What is Lemo Anglissimo

Lemo makes an adjustable right angle connector called Anglissimo. When choosing a cable with an Anglissimo connector you must choose one of the following 8 directions. The number chosen is the direction of the cable exit. These can be adjusted with a Lemo wrench. The standard Lemo right angle exits at position 5 in the diagram below.
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