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Anglissimo Wrench

Anglissimo Wrench

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The Anglissimo Wrench is for small and medium sized adjustable Lemo connectors.

Generally Anglissimo Lemo connectors are only adjustable when assembled with an expensive Lemo tool. Due to many requests we have decided to manufacture an affordable tool that can allow the user to adjust the connectors themselves to all 8 different right angle positions.

This wrench is CNC Machined out of hardened stainless steel in Los Angeles, CA. It is very thin but incredibly strong, and is made to the tightest tolerances to fit genuine Lemo connectors.

Use at your own risk. When taking apart a connector there are small pieces that can get lost and wires that can get damaged if not done with care. These are made for genuine Lemo connectors and may not fit off brand connectors.

How we measure cable lengths

All cables are measured from the ends of the connectors. Tolerances are within +/- 1.0”(2.5cm). If a specific length is required you must contact us before placing the order. Cable pictured is 6".

What is Lemo Anglissimo

Lemo makes an adjustable right angle connector called Anglissimo. When choosing a cable with an Anglissimo connector you must choose one of the following 8 directions. The number chosen is the direction of the cable exit. These can be adjusted with a Lemo wrench. The standard Lemo right angle exits at position 5 in the diagram below.
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